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Imran Khan tweets

 Imran said he had opposed Pakistan becoming part of the US-led war on terror from the start. “Now, after suffering 70k dead, over $100 bn loss to economy, when we had nothing to do with 9/11, constant “do more” US taunts & after nation has been humiliated by Trump, GoP saying the same,” he wrote.


“Lesson to be learnt by us is never to be used by others for short term paltry financial benefits ever again,” he continued, adding, “Our society became radicalised and polarised as we helped CIA create jihadi groups; then, a decade later, we tried to eliminate them as terrorists on US orders.”

“And now Pakistan being blamed for US failures in Afghanistan by an ignorant and ungrateful Donald Trump,” Imran tweeted.

Pakistan has now suffered the ultimate insult: being made scapegoat for US failure in Afghanistan, the PTI chief added.