No. 5     WIRE SHARK

This is Network Mapping tool. you can view your network activities through this tool.
cookies, packets, data, everything you can monitoring.
you can do some hacking attacks with this tool
1- key logging
2- phishing
3- men in the middle attack

if you are connected with a public wifi network then you can control all devices which is already connected. you can view their web browser easily and can access all social account.
download HERE


Friends, when you need to connect any wifi network or when you want to hack any wifi network
then you should open this tool. this tool is CUI means Command User Interface.
so this tool open only in terminal or command prompt.
this tool can crack any type of wifi connection like,
WLAN 2.0, WLAN 3.0 WLAN 4.0 or WPS, WPA, WPSK, WPS2
this tool capturing network packets and convert to text file to make read easily their password.
download HERE

 No. 3     META SPLOIT

This is a Forensic Tester Tool. government also using this tool.
with this tool you can control any computer or mobile by installing TROJAN.
Actually this tool provide a TROJAN to install victim’s computer or mobile, and when your victim installed you can get full access of their computer or mobile.
this software also can make trojan for ANDROID so you can also hack android phone.
many type of operating system can hack this tool like JAVA, FIREFOX, LINUX, APPLE OS X, ANDROID and MICROSOFT WINDOWS.
hackers make a trojan by using this tool and add this trojan to and media, game or software and then upload in websites… so when any user downlaod this file and install… they got hacked.
so my opinion is please download any software or game from trusted site only..
download HERE


This is so damn powerful tool. this tool can destroy any website. if you have 1/gbps then you can easily crash server. lets go in deep.
this tool is made for DDos attack (distributed Denial of Service).
this tool makes million fake ip address and send request to targeted website together.
where any website could not answering to millions ip’s together then website server getting down for sometime.
and if you do DDos attack for 2+ hours then website got crash forever.
after that you wont get more benefit but your victim will get biggest loss.
download HERE


As i set my fevoret software in rank one so this this my best tool ever. because you will get 11 deferent tool in this one tool. like
1, Spear Phishing Attack (send fake web page to victim for steal their username & password)
2, Website Attack Vector (send virus in sms, chat, popups, email and destroy website)
3, Infectious Media Generator (share virus in any image/ video by USB to steale hard disk)
4, Create a Payload & Listner (send trojan to access their webcam, mike, hard disk, settings etc)
5, Mass Mailer Attack (e-bomber. send billion text in one massage to crash their computer)
6, Arduino Based Attack Vector (need usb teensy hardware to monitoring victim’s computer)
7, SMS Spoofing Attack Vector (allow send fake sms to victim for asking any password or pin)
8, Wireless Access Point Attack Vector (create face wifi access point for connect to the victim)
9, QR Code Generator Attack (create a QR code to redirect victim on fake website)
10, Power shell Attack Vector (create power-shell module to edit victim’s computer)
11, Third Party Modules. (allow to get changes by robot not you)
download HERE