Supreme Court (SC) has issued a historic ruling barring Bahria Town Karachi from selling any plots in the city.


The decision came after a three member bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan heard the case against Bahria Town. The bench passed an order that states that any land, be it of residential or commercial nature, allotted to the developer is illegal.

The bench has also ordered an investigation into Malir Development Authority’s land, which was illegally allotted by Bahria Town to its customers.

The investigation should be completed by three months, as per the court’s orders, with a special bench overseeing it.

Court’s Verdict
The Supreme Court issued the following directives:

Three-month deadline to initiate the investigation against Bahria Town, given its involvment in the illegal land transactions.
An investigation will be conducted into how land intended for the Malir Development Authority was illegally handed out by Bahria Town in Karachi.
A special bench to be formed that will supervise the whole investigation.
The court further directed NAB to;

Bahria town Karachi Next Balloting Date 10th May 2018

Investigate the case and file references against all those who are found responsible for committing, aiding and abetting the crime at any level or in any form.

The court’s ruling also includes a provision for legalizing land transactions done between Bahria Town and the Sindh Government to date. However, the court’s special bench will be in charge of overseeing this process.