Sindh consumer court directs (an online retailer) to pay PKR 50,000 as compensation to emotional damage.

Mukesh Kumar Talreja, a judge of the (south) consumer court, imposed a fine of PKR 50,000 on a retail shop as the answer to all the complaints filed recently for faulty products. They’ve also been directed to pay another amount PKR 15,000 as fine to the treasury account of the Pakistan government.The consumer court has directed to replace the low-quality product with a quality one or as an alternative, refund the amount (approx. 8000) to the customer and improve their service regarding the moderate standards and according to the expectations of their customers.

It was additionally ruled that in case the retailer fails to comply with the given notice within one month of period, the management will be punished with one year of imprisonment and it is something that may extend to more (three to five years) or with PKR 50,000 fine that may increase to more than PKR 200,000.In the case of emotional stress or torture, the court said it’s a settled principle to compensate for the damages, and thus, an amount of PKR 50,000 was quantified as the compensation of general damages caused by the retailer.

Section 26:

A complaint was filed by Dania Kashif (a customer) against under section 26 of the consumer protection act Sindh, 2014. She mentioned that she recently ordered play-doh with an estimated price of 8,000, which the retailer delivered in November (in a sealed packing), but upon checking, she found the product to be dry, rough and below quality.Whereas, the price tag at the product said PKR 6730, while she was charged PKR 7,795 to be exact. It was further stated that she suffered through severe mental agony and tried to file a complaint at the helpline, but she wasn’t entertained well.All these allegations have been denied by the defendant party. They said the order was placed by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the retailer, which clearly stated that the product belonged to a third party and wasn’t responsible for any damages.