Muslims have divided Islam in various communities and one of them is Shia Muslim. Sunni and Shia are the two main branches of Islam. Sunni believe that Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Islam whereas the belief of Shia is that Ali, the first caliph is the Muhammad’s successor chosen by God. Here we are giving details about Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Shia. The prayers and living style of Shia Muslims is quite different from Sunni Muslims. In Pakistan showbiz industry the percentage of Shia Muslims is higher than Sunni Muslims. Most of the actors, models and politicians belong to Shia community. But on the entertainment platform they work together with other communities without any difference. In this article we are providing list of Pakistani celebrities who are Shia and you can also see to which profession of showbiz industry they belong.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Shia

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Shia Muslim



Celebrities Profession
Aabis Raza Director
Abida Hussain Politician, Diplomat and Socialite
Abid Ali Actor and Director
Adeel Hussain Actor, Model and Director
Agha Ali Actor, Model, Singer and Anchor
Ahmad Ali Butt Actor, Model, Director, Producer, Singer and Musician
Ainy Jaffri Actress and Model
Ali Abbas Actor and Model
Ali Azmat Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Actor
Ali Haider Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Ali Kazmi Actor, Model, Host, Director and Producer
Ali Hussain Rizvi Former Cricketer
Ali Naqvi Cricketer
Aliya Imam Actress and Comedian
Anwar Maqsood Actor, Host, Scriptwriter, Humorist, Poet and Lyricist
Arbaz Khan Actor
Ashar Zaidi Cricketer
Asif Ali Zardari Politician
Asif Iqbal Razvi Cricketer
Asif Khan Actor
Asma Shirazi Anchor, Journalist and Political Commentator
Ayesha Omer Actress, Model, Singer, Host and VJ
Ayyan Ali Model and Singer
Azra Mohiuddin Actress
Benazir Bhutto Politician
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Politician
Dua Malik Singer and Host
Dr. Sana Tariq Anchor and Journalist
Fahmida Mirza Politician
Faisal Raza Abidi Politician
Faisal Saleh Hayat Politician
Fakhar Imam Politician
Faris Shafi Actor, Rapper and Model
Farzana Raja Politician
Fatima Jinnah Politician, Dental Surgeon, Biographer and Stateswoman
Faysal Qureshi Actor, Model, Host and Producer
Feroze Khan Actor, Model and VJ
Firdous Ashiq Awan Politician and Physician
Hadiqa Kiani Singer, Songwriter, Model and Philanthropist
Haidar Abbas Rizvi Politician
Hasan Raza Cricketer
Humaima Malick Actress and Model
Humaira Channa Singer
Iman Ali Model and Actress
Imran Abbas Actor and Model
Inayat Hussain Bhatti Singer, Actor, Producer, Director, Writer and Social Worker
Ismat Zaidi Actress
Jaffar Zaidi Singer
Juggan Kazim Actress, Model, Host, Writer and Anchor
Khusboo Dancer, Film and Stage Actress
Komal Rizvi Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Host
Mamnoon Hussain Politician and Businessman
Mawra Hocane Actress, Model and VJ
Meera Actress, Model and Host
Meesha Shafi Singer, Actress and Model
Mehdi Hassan Ghazal and Playback Singer and Music Composer
Mehdi Shah Politician
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Politician, Lawyer and Founder of Pakistan
Mushahid Hussain Politician
Naeem Bokhari Television Personality, Advocate and Host
Nargis Actress, Model, Dancer, Host and Comedian
Nasim Zehra Host, Journalist and Writer
Naushad Ali Former Cricketer
Nayyara Noor Singer
Nayyar Hussain Bukhari Politician
Nazar Muhammad Gondal Politician
Noor Jahan Actress, Singer, Music Composer and Director
Noor Hassan Actor, Model, Director, Rj and VJ
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Composer
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Musician, Qawwali and layback Singer
Rahat Kazmi Actor, Anchorman and Speaker
Reema Khan Actress, Model, Host, Director and Producer
Saba Hameed Actress and Model
Sadia Imam  Actress, Model and Host
Sahir Ali Bagga Singer, Music Director, Composer and Music Producer
Sahira Kazmi  Actress and Director
Sajid Hasan Actor
Sajjad Ali Singer, Poet, Actor, Songwriter, Film Producer and Director
Santosh Kumar Actor
Seema Ghazal Writer
Shamoon Abbasi  Actor, Model, Writer, Producer and Director
Shehla Raza Politician
Shehryar Zaidi Actor
Shehzad Roy Singer, Social Worker and Humanitarian
Sikander Rizvi  Actor, Model and Chef
Sohail Abbas Hockey Player
Somy Ali Bollywood Actress, Model, Writer, Filmmaker and Activist
Sonya Jehan  Actress and Model
Syed Ali Nawaz Shah Rizvi Politician
Syed Ali Qutab Shah Rizvi Politician
Syed Ishrat Abbas Actor
Syed Naad-e-Ali Zaidi Singer
Syed Meesaq Rizvi Pakistani Sprinter and Middle-Distance Runner
Talat Hussain Actor
Tahira Syed  Ghazal and Folk Singer
Umer Shareef Standup Comedian, Stage, Film and TV Actor
Urwa Hocane Actress, Model and VJ
Waseem Abbas Actor and Director
Zaheer Abbas Former Cricketer
Zhalay Sarhadi  Actress, Model and VJ
Zil-e-Huma  Singer
Zubaida Tariq  Chef, Cooking Expert and Health Advisor
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Politician
Zulfiqar Mirza Politician
Zulqarnain Former Cricketer
Zulqarnain Haider Cricketer

Now you know all the Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Shia from the list above and you can find out whether your favorite TV personality belongs to Shia community or not. If you know any other celebrity who belongs to Shia community and is not mentioned in the list you can comment and tell us about him or her.