Saudi Arabia is considered to be the hub of Islam, because it is where the religion’s advent began. Whenever there is a threat to the country or the Haram Shareef, the whole Muslim Ummah gets together and resorts to sacrificing it self and its assets in the name of Allah and His Holy Land.

However, times have changed and so have the perceptions. There was a time when Saudi Arabia was the epitome of the word conservative, while all the Muslim countries looked up to the Shariah Law that prevailed in the country.

Recently, a Saudi Masjid e Imam was arrested by local police known as the Taghuts. During the Khutba, the Saudi cleric, well respect among the locals as a person with deep knowledge and insight on the religion, started speaking against all the progressive changes in Saudi Arabia. He talked about how the land of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was being turned into an entertainment hub just to please the Americans.

Before he could finish his Khutba, the Taghuts stormed inside the mosque, took the old Imam by his neck and forced him out of the Masjid. The Saudi authorities are now portraying the Imam as ‘mentally ill’ and not well enough to lead the mosque, when the truth is that all he said was what he felt.

Everything changed when the incumbent crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman came into power, a lot has changed in and around Saudi Arabia. A whole host of changes in the country’s laws and rules has shocked the entire world, Muslim or not. This is the dawn of the fourth Saudi Kingdom, one which is being set up by Muhammad Bin Salman, who many consider to be too sharp for his age.

Saudi Arabia is shifting from its old cultural ways to new progressive landscapes. From women being allowed to drive in the country, to cinemas opening up. From female artists being allowed to perform in concerts, to the growing military power that Saudi Arabia has acquired. All this changed when the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia and signed a huge defense deal with the country.