Total money used in KP senate election: 1 Billion 20 crore. PTI members took 60 crore

On Feb 27 in Islamabad, Sardar Idrees, Babar Salim and Deena Naz received 3 crore 80 laakh each, total 11 crore 40 laakh paid.

On Feb 28 in Peshawar, Yasin Khalil, Nageena Bibi, Zahid Durrani, Amjad Afridi, Faisal Zaman, Faiza Bibi received 4 crore each, total 24 crore.

On March 1 in Peshawar, Javed Nasim, Khatoon Bibi, Obaid Mayar received 3 crore each, total 9 crore.

On March 2 in Peshawar, Naseem Hayat, Nargis Ali and Meraj Humayun received 3 crore each, Total 9 crore

On March 2 in Islamabad, Zareen Zia came to collect her cash but refused to take 3 crore and demanded for 5 crore. She was offered 4 crore but she was not accepting it. She threatened of releasing a media statement about the offer.

Total taped: 30 members

Bribe paid to PTI: 15 members, Deal cancelled: 1 member, Bribe paid to QWP: 3 members, Bribe paid to ANP: 1 member, Bribe paid to PPP: 7 members, Bribe taken by PPP local leadership: 3 members