What is Wahdatul Wajood / Wahdatush Shuhood | Misconceptions Answered – Shaykh Md Yasir Al Hanafi.


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Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi presents a unique series explaining the position and validity of tasawwuf/Sufism (spirituality) and its related practices in Islam. He brings copious evidences from the Qur’an, Hadith, statements of the pious predecessors and the Imams of the ummah. As well as being a series on tasawwuf, he answers common objections raised in this day and age by its deterrents, namely the pseudo-salafis of the modern era who have attacked those who align themselves to the practices of tasawwuf in their books and throughout social media.

In this episode Shaykh Mohammad Yasir al-Hanafi answers a common and age old accusation against the people of tasawwuf/sufism regarding the concept of wahdatul wujud. A clear explanation is given with numerous evidences to prove the validity of the correct understanding of this concept, and to rid the false allegations upon the people of tasawwuf from the misinformed and insincere. Quotes are given from within the homes of those who object to this concept, showing that their leaders/scholars were the biggest supporters of wahdatul wujud. Truly an eye-opener that is not to be missed!

what is Wahdatul Wujood.
What is Wahdatul Wajood.
What is Wahdatul Wujud.
What is Wahdatul Shuhood.
Deobandi Aqeeda.
Hulool Aqeeda.
Deobandi Exposed.
Tasawwuf Allegations.

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