Response To “Reality of Deobandi Aqeedah” – Ep 4: Ibn Arabi, Hallaj and Their Salafi Admirers


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Title: Response To “Reality of Deobandi Aqeedah” – Ep 4: Ibn Arabi, Hallaj and Their Salafi Admirers

Speaker: Shaykh Mohammad Yasir

Ibn Arabi and Mansur al-Hallaj are two controversial individuals who have been the basis of attacks on many present day scholars including the elders of Deoband. It has been alleged by the pseudo-salafis of today that they are disbelievers and that likewise those who praise them or hold them in high esteem are too heretics. In this episode, you’ll find that the ulama of Deoband and others are not alone in their praise for these individuals, not only were they praised by classical scholars in the past, but they were also praised by the very esteemed elders of those who attack the admirers Ibn Arabi and Mansur al-Hallaj. For long enough the truth has been hidden from the masses, it’s time to smash the glasshouses of the critics

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