Stop drinking Coffe if you are blood pressure patinet

Why you Must Avoid Coffee if you are Blood Pressure Patient?

f you are a victim of blood pressure and want it to get cured, then you’ll have to stop drinking coffee right away because the ingredients in coffee can make the cure effects of medicine go away.

Unlike the world, in Pakistan a larger part of the population is a victim of different diseased because of the blood pressure and it is because that particular part of the population drinks coffee.

As per the researches, the coffee which contains caffeine can make the blood pressure rise, while the decaffeinated coffee doesn’t portray these effects.

London’s Western University and Canada’s Lawson Health Research Institute’s had a joint research in international medical journal ‘American Journal of Hypertension’. In that research experts picked those people who regularly drinks coffee and some who sometime drinks.

After the research, the experts states that those people who sometime drinks coffee if drink two cups of coffee, within an hour their blood pressure will rise. And that effects the cure of the medicine.

The interesting fact that the research states is that those people who often drinks coffee, they do not face such side effects because their body can control those effects and the caffeine doesn’t affect them.

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