Corruption Case Against PTI Speaker Asad Qaisar sawabi

Corruption Charges Against PTI Speaker Asad Qaisar sawabi

Speaker KPK Assembly Asad Qaiser belong to the ruler party of KPK Pakistan Tehreek Insaf.
Pakistan tehreek insaf has party policy to eliminate corruption from kpk and entire Pakistan but this time a huge amount of criticism over KPK Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser.

National accountability bureau Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa here ask Permission from Fedreal NAB to take action against the illegal asset of speaker asad qaiser.

Asad qaiser respond and reject the allegation, he told that he is ready to for any type of accountability and will face the case at every institution.

The speaker also told the media that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has not contacted him over these allegation

“It is just a media trail and propaganda against me. This is why I am putting my money trail in front of the whole nation,” said Qaiser.

He also vowed to track down the person who started this campaign against him “without any solid proof”.

Meanwhile, KP Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak said he supported the speaker.

“Asad Qaiser has presented everything in front of media so that everyone can verify that he has not done anything wrong,” the CM said.

Khattak added that he has contacted NAB authorities and asked, “Is there any legal procedure against a person who fabricates allegations?”


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